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About LCD screen lifter performance profile

Guangzhou Junnan AV Tech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 25, 2016

(1) The lifter has a traditional LCD screen ultra thin according to market demand, ultra finish, ultra-quiet advantages of peer-leading quality. 15 series, the CB series;

(2) Based on the touch-screen, one machine, Conference terminal devices such asdesktop new hidden system; large corner angle 0-45 ° adjustable, touch, press without shaking, such as 45 series;

(3) All lifts are made of robust, synchronous belt with high precision guide rail structure, transmission fluid, minimal noise. Drive and all the Panel structure with aluminum die extrusion stretching, after precision machining CNC milling machine and drawing again, electrode oxidation. The structure is simple, combined with high precision. Using only digital synchronous recognition of the reliability of fault-toleranttechnology and automatic, circuit judge point of failure, repair themselves. Built-inRF wireless transceiver module, high anti-jamming communication design, avoid tables online and cable clutter. Multiple control modes: manual, remote control, 232/485 control.

(4) Panel to choose: Black Aluminum brushed/matte black brushed Silver Aluminum/carbon steel.