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Projector hanger general classification

Guangzhou Junnan AV Tech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 25, 2016

Projector hanger variety, used subject to conditions. Users need different interior structure, altitude, and projection distance as well as the weight of the projector itself to select an appropriate hanger specifications.

Scissor electric hanger

Scissor electric hanger scissor electric are common. Features can be adjusted up and down the projector height, smooth and reliable electric regulation.

Projectors when not in use, and hung decorations on the ceiling. Only when using the action button on the projector can be hanging down, over, action buttons, lifting the projector can be ceiling projector is not only good protection, and vacate the space occupied by a projector, a separate issue, flexibility to expand the use of interior space efficiency.

Cartridge electric hanger

Box type electric hanging frame in ceiling Shang design has a store projector of similar "box" of space, projector in projection Qian from open of "box" in the adjustment to right of location projection, dang projector in close State Xia hanging frame contraction to ceiling of "box" within, such of box type design can in projector of non-using State Xia will projector clever to store up, conducive to indoor space overall of coordination.

Box anti-theft hangers

The outstanding feature is the anti-theft feature box anti-theft hangers, and tank Assembly of the cooling fan can be used with the projector to enhance heat dissipation. Projector on daily idle can be stored safely in the anti-theft compartment andclosed structure helps to reduce dust erosion.

1, dust-proof

Projector into the air inlet and air filter, has a good dust, preventing the projectorfrom dust problems frequent pollution protection and optoelectronic devices, caneffectively raise the projector normal work and life.

2, security

Internal and external casing one, can Flex but not separation, really protect the safety of the projector.

Mesh anti-theft hangers

Mesh box anti-theft hangers and anti-theft hangers feature similar, different is a mesh has no effect on the projector cool to ensure the normal and stable operationof the projector.

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