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Smooth turning computer desk desktop application

Guangzhou Junnan AV Tech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 25, 2016

Flip computer table using convenient, operation simple, manual control, flip freely; dust, anti-theft, desktop flat beautiful; General classroom and computer classroom mode mutual switch fast; not hinder teacher and students Zhijian eye Exchange; and electric lifting type flip type compared of price more low, more environmental; used quality fire Board, and quality pneumatic putter, can makes products more durable; material spectacular with quality carbon steel, thickness used 1.3mm, used car roast paint never fade.

Flip computer table is a structure simple, and flip effort, and using convenient of for computer table of flip device, including box, and through hinge and box connection of flip, and set in box side of line hole, and is located in box internal of keyboard frame, its features is box front-end inside has lock, and through lock and flip top connection, flip inside Central has display fixed frame, its sides Central the and a gas spring of end connection, gas spring of another end fixed in box inside.

Turning computer desk flip sides of lower part and connect one end of a connection, connect the other end of the keyboard connection, keyboard with the mouse on slot, its bottom has a pulley at the top, the pulley located on a skateboard, skateboard fixed on the inside of the box.