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​ Installation Of LCD Screen Lifter

Guangzhou Junnan AV Tech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 21, 2017

LCD screen automatic lifter is the computer LCD screen when not in the table, when used to extend the desktop, so that both can keep the desktop neat, but also to keep the LCD screen clean, in some special occasions can also play Anti-sabotage, anti-theft effect. LCD screen lifts are widely used in conference tables, bank business desk, hospital podium, school multimedia classroom podium.

The first generation: chain drive mechanism, the drawback is the lift instability, noise, no water.

The second generation; rack drive mechanism, the drawback is that oil, lubricating oil with dry noise, large volume, no water.

The fourth generation: ultra-thin waterproof type, panel narrow, small desktop size, desktop appearance, timing belt drive, waterproof treatment.

basic skills: 

Under the control of the desktop key, realize the lift of the liquid crystal display.

Rise, the LCD screen automatically Yang into a certain angle, and also according to their own needs, automatic / manually adjust the angle.

Falling down, regardless of the LCD screen at what angle, the LCD screen automatically back to the upright state, and automatically cut off the monitor power.

Lifting mechanism Waterproofing to prevent damage to the cup and damage the machine and damage the LCD monitor.

Can be achieved through the remote control uniform lift, but also through CRESTRON, AMX and other centralized control system to achieve a unified lift.


Anti-sprinkler: lifting mechanism waterproofing, to prevent knocking the cup when the damage to the machine.

No noise: the fourth generation of belt conveyor, patented transmission system, no noise when lifting.

Three control methods coexist: desktop control; wireless remote control; CRESTRON, AMX and other 485 bus centralized control.

Product Features: 

1. Use flexible, stable performance, good shock resistance.

2. Automatic opening and closing decorative panels nice.

3. Stainless steel panel, Mosaic carbon steel panel and a variety of other panels to choose from.

4. Set hand control, remote control in one, a variety of control methods to use more flexible.

5. Gear rack drive, set positioning, more stable operation, long service life.

6. Advanced optoelectronic positioning system is more accurate positioning.

7. A variety of circuit protection system, the LCD screen down when the control panel automatically cut off its power, the monitor can be safely protected.

8. A variety of data line interface can be easily provided for the display signal.

9. Small box, light weight, easy to install.

1, in order to ensure the safety of operation, should ensure that the power cord is well grounded, be sure to provide a three-phase plugs into the ground valid standard three-pin power outlet to ensure that the input power of the device is 220V50HZ AC.

2, in order to prevent the fire or leakage, do not put the system equipment in the cold or overheated place, do not the machine by rain or moisture, rainy weather or prolonged use, should turn off the equipment power main gate.

3, the control system equipment, power supply in the work will be fever, so to maintain good working environment, ventilation, so as not to damage the machine too high temperature.

4, non-professionals without permission, please do not try to open the equipment chassis, do not privately repair, so as to avoid accidents or increase the degree of damage to equipment.

5, the equipment should be turned off before installing and wiring.