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Desktop Socket - Air Support Push Desktop Socket Series

Guangzhou Junnan AV Tech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 18, 2017

With the rapid development of information technology, business competition continues to increase, the departments, the information communication between the units, information sharing is particularly important, we do this work when the election with a large number of cable a variety of orderly and reasonable The layout is more difficult to solve the problem, but also pay attention to a variety of equipment with the compatibility and visual effects, can be stored in the box is an effective solution to our connection in a variety of audio and video equipment, communication cable is simple, Orderly, beautiful connection.

Junan Technology Pneumatic Push-type desktop socket series for the Tibetan junction box can be perfect to show the cable and interface hidden, and the operation is very simple, by pressing the junction box surface panel to achieve bounce and closed, closed all the interfaces are Hidden, a variety of cables can be ordered to hide behind the junction box, the junction box panel and the desktop to maintain the level.

Desktop socket

Our designers in accordance with the different use of the room and the different construction site environment, developed to adapt to different ways of products. Our products as a permanent cable connection solution, can be placed on the table surface, below the table, the lower side of the table, the walls fully meet your needs.

Hidden installed in a variety of wall, office desks, conference desks, speech desk, stage table and other fixed installation of the table above, below, side structure, to meet a variety of office and office equipment, power supply and communication functions.