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How To Use The Flip Desktop Socket

Guangzhou Junnan AV Tech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 28, 2017

Some plugs do not need to be often plugged in, the computer host plug, speaker plug, monitor plug 

and so on; some power cord interface plugs more frequently, like a charger, charging treasure. 

How to properly insert the plug power cord, reduce the desktop plug? Our flip desktop socket is a 

double-sided socket, it is both the desktop decorations, but also hidden in the table under the 



Designed for desk design, home can also, full of "urban low-key aristocracy", simple atmosphere. 

Socket front: 2 universal three plug, a network, a phone, a dual audio, a high-definition, a vga, 

2 blank modules (modules can be based on customer requirements), this configuration combination 

easily Meet daily office needs.


Not plug the plug can be inserted in the back of the socket, the table under the rational use of 

the table.

Installation method

1, exposed on the desktop, solid and simple.

2, with cover, socket embedded in the table, do not use, close the cover, hide the socket 


3, pen box hidden mystery, remove the pencil box, is to flip the desktop socket. Both decorative 

effect, but also the tools under the table.

A successful case, will certainly seek "balance in balance", that is: in addition to the real 

application, as well as the requirements of the environment. The hotel management company used to 

flip the desktop socket, creating a simple, convenient office space, the overall environment warm, 

the atmosphere.

A working position to install a double-sided socket, neat and neat, the desktop space balance is 

very good, combined with warm wood table, to create a warm and comfortable, taste of the work space.

Flip the desktop socket can be connected in series, as a leading high-performance products, in the 

project is simple to use, flexible installation, a significant reduction in site construction time,

saving engineering costs, to the enterprise to bring new experience value.

Humanized design

Beautiful appearance, neat, simple surface design, you can customize the appearance of color, and

components. You can replace the five-hole socket for the three-hole socket, wireless router,

Bluetooth speakers or other, every detail highlights the socket of the different, which 

mysterious you get it?