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Introduction To Desktop

Guangzhou Junnan AV Tech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 25, 2016

Desktop socket for computer depending on audio, and network, and power, and DVI, and HDMI, variety interface connection device received plug application professional for various high-end Conference, and office connection various line cable and development design, products high-end, and generous, and practical strong, "play up type docking" "lift cover pumping line" "desktop edge type" "slide docking type" "Panel embedded", variety structure, new another increased Bluetooth transfer, audio transfer nowhere is not.

Desktops outlet can easily be installed on almost any surface. This rugged and reliable wiring Panel structure is very compact, high quality interface, easy to use, good transmission, finished cables (for example, VGA cable, USB cable, network cable, etc) using custom cables, quality assurance, non-finished wires. Minimizes installation time and effort.

After installing the wiring Panel flush with the countertop to keep, users press the connection panel at the top, a mechanical lock release, snapped up the wiring Panel(vertical bounce, bounce or countertop at a 45-degree angle between). Wiring Panel all the necessary power, network, video, audio, USB, Canon interface unified together, clear, user-friendly.

Users leave, not when you need to use a socket and gently press the top of the Panel, Panel down and automatically locked, making the entire desktop back to the flat.

Easy to use, clean and beautiful, this is the biggest difference compared to traditional desktop socket socket and advantages. However, accordingly, prices are muchhigher than traditional power strip.