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LCD Screen Flip Device Overview

Guangzhou Junnan AV Tech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 09, 2017

LCD screen flip device

       LCD flip device is mainly used in a variety of high-end conference rooms, trading rooms, advanced multimedia network systems, office furniture, the flip device is generally applicable to the following 22-inch LCD monitor (can be set for larger points) When the LCD screen will automatically flip into the demand angle (special requirements can also be designed), the keyboard will also automatically rise and flush with the desktop, when not in use, the display can automatically flip hidden within the desktop, the product has anti-theft , Dust to keep the desktop smooth, beautify the desktop and other functions.

        LCD screen flip device is divided into three functions, 1, flip screen while the keyboard will automatically rise and the desktop flush, 2, no keyboard, 3, the screen outward flip,

        LCD flip device by way of opening is divided into two types: 1, the electric opening, 2, manually open,

        LCD flip device according to material is divided into two types: 1, aluminum alloy drawing, 2, carbon steel paint,

        The emergence of LCD flip device, the end of the market only lifter series of product malformations, breaking the elevator in the hidden conference system a dominant position in the monopoly.