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LCD Screen Lift Control In The Use Of Processes

Guangzhou Junnan AV Tech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 10, 2017

LCD screen lift control in the use of processes

 Guangzhou-South audio-visual Technology Co., Ltd. is a development, production and sales as one of the specialized technology companies. Has been committed to the projection and multimedia systems engineering supporting the development and production of ancillary products. With excellent product quality and perfect products and services to its own brand products in just a few years to win the trust of our customers! The company has a strong R & D and improve the service system, welcome customers at home and abroad visit Guidance, plans to sample custom processing! Here by the manufacturers to share with you LCD screen control in the use of processes:

Step 1: do a two-core cross-line, 2 feet then 3 feet, 5 feet then 5 feet; other do longitudinal line, 2 feet then 2 feet, 5 feet then 5 feet.

Step 2: Connect the computer and the first elevator with the crossover cable, connect the computer terminal with 3,5 feet, and connect the elevator end with the 2 and 5 feet. Between the riser and riser with the main line.

Step 3: After the line is connected, open the central control software and select the corresponding group (for example, 1 group).

Step 4: Each elevator learn to control the corresponding software group (for example, a group).

How to use: Press the STOP key and the UP key of the LCD TV elevator controller at the same time. When you see the power indicator flashing (it must be slow flashing), click the learning key on the software. The light does not flash to indicate successful learning.

Step 5: Click on the software to increase the suspension of the above suspension, the elevator can work, then click Quickstart, the required group (such as a group) code written in the control can be.

Step 6: The first elevator connected to the computer's cross-line, connected to the central control can be controlled in the elevator to rise, pause, down.