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LCD Screen Lifter, Had A Different Vision

Guangzhou Junnan AV Tech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 25, 2016

In one position for a long time or in front of the TV for too long, will make the cervical spine due to high load State for too long, extremely easy to have cervical spondylosis. LCD lifter, you will not worry, LCD screen lifter, had a different vision.

If you watch TV for a long time, it would appear. Friends can choose watching TV for a long time about the LCD screen lifter makes your vision can be adjusted at any time, LCD Wall shelves can be above and below before and after full adjustment,you can meet the Visual effect. Can improve your stay comfortable position for a long time. There is the LCD wall rack casual lifting and moving, you can make moreoffice space, a better Office environment and improve work efficiency. LCD Wall shelf can also meet special people use. For example: television, video editors and stock market people, decision makers in the company, 100,000 LED lights will illuminate the Guangzhou Asian Games.

LCD Wall shelves are common in Europe, but has not be recognized by most people in China. Because people pay more attention to the quality of life in Europe and America, more concerned about the health and development of children. LCD Wall shelves in China will also be quickly accepted. Trust in the long future, is very common in China.