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Projector Lifter Product Line Which

Guangzhou Junnan AV Tech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 13, 2017

    Projector lifter series of products is my company for many years more mature products, advanced multimedia conference system is the best supporting equipment. According to user requirements, the projector lifter can be flat on the conference table, can also be hoisted on the ceiling.

    This series of products is characterized by dual automatic door switch, projector lifter work when the double automatic door hidden into the body; projector does not work when the double automatic door closed with the table or ceiling flat, does not affect the table and ceiling beauty and smooth. Product small size, beautiful appearance, easy installation, simple operation, smooth and reliable operation. Hand control, remote control and centralized control.

    Projector lift series of standard products are: MCG2000, MCG3000, for a variety of brands of the projector. Product Features:

1, in the lift switch under the control of the projector to achieve the rise and fall and hidden.

2, double-door design, shape more beautiful.

3, through the communication cable and control the keyboard or centralized control system to achieve remote control of the unified lift or a separate lift;

4, easy installation, simple operation;

5, projector lift panel has high quality stainless steel surface, sand pattern black, traits of the wood grain pattern (do not paste veneer).