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Projector Lifter To Tell You How To Solve The Common Fault Of The Projector

Guangzhou Junnan AV Tech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 16, 2017

Now the projector has become a common product in everyone's life, and also appeared in a variety of large-scale activities, play an important picture output function, once the use of the process or in the event of failure, almost immediately found by the audience. Of course, the projector lamp can not be said that the projector is faulty, the lamp is only the projector supplies. So what are the common faults of the projector? How to quickly discharge these failures? Xiaobian today for everyone to bring some common fault judgments, which is combined with a number of professional projector maintenance personnel accumulated experience.

Q: Will the projector not turn on the image immediately?

A: 1, normal warm-up, about 1-3 minutes

2, some models need to manually select the signal input source.

Q: Does the projector connect to a laptop without output images?

A: Notebook PC external display device, there are usually four kinds of display output control.

1, notebook LCD screen bright, external display device bright

2, notebook LCD screen bright, external display device is not bright

3, notebook LCD screen does not shine, external display device bright

4, the notebook LCD screen does not shine, external display device is not bright

Solution: just press the laptop keyboard function key combination to switch.

Q: The projector output image is unstable, there are stripes fluctuate?

A: The projector power supply signal and the signal source power signal is not common.

Solution: Plug the projector into the same power supply board as the source of the signal source.

Q: projection screen is not 4: 3 standard ratio, there trapezoid?

A: different projector lens projection angle is different, there are horizontal projection, there are elevation projection.

Solution: The projector with keystone correction function can be adjusted by adjusting the panel or function menu related settings; can also adjust the projector's frame or leg debugging screen effect, sometimes the projector placed in a higher or lower plane Position to completely eliminate the deformation of the image. Projector lifter

Q: How is the projection image ghosting resolved?

A: Most of the situation due to the poor performance of the connecting cable.

Solution: Replace the signal line (note the matching problem with the device interface)

Q: North low temperature areas, the projector often use the boot failure?

A: When the projector is working, the ambient temperature is often overlooked and causes damage to the machine.

Solution: After getting the room from the outside, do not immediately boot, should be placed in the room for some time and then boot.

Q: After the projector is used for a while, the projection screen appears irregular spots?

A: After the projector is used for a long time, the dust inside the case will be inhaled, showing irregular (usually red) spots on the projection screen

Solution: In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, the need for regular cleaning of the machine, vacuum, spots will disappear.

Q: Does the projector sound when the projector is turned on?

A: The first thing to do is check the volume switch. Both the input source and the projector's volume switch must be turned on and the mute switch must also be turned off. Some portable computer hardware also has a volume control function. Some projectors or remote controls have volume buttons. For information on volume adjustment, refer to the projector's documentation. Audio input connection Make sure the audio input connector is working properly. Make sure that the audio input connector is fully inserted and connected to the correct output port. Make sure you are using an audio cable from the projector manufacturer. Projector lifter