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The Working Principle Of The LCD Screen Lifter

Guangzhou Junnan AV Tech Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 25, 2017

LCD screen installed in the conference table, through the lifting principle, to achieve the display of automatic lifting function, simple style generous classic fashion.

Can meet the needs of the monitor without removing and avoiding the need to make use of the space below the conference table, the monitor hidden under the table, you can use the trigger when the controller, the lid open automatically, the monitor rose to the desktop, and according to need Back to a certain angle. The LCD screen up, you can at any time according to the perspective of the screen to adjust the display a certain angle to facilitate viewing; when not in time to recover the bottom of the table, and automatically restore the display of the initial angle to meet the requirements of different participants. Can be centralized control by centralized controller, can also be a single screen control. LCD screen lifter can choose a different control mode, a single remote control or multiple control and so on.

Applicable to office, conference room, product demonstration hall. Any angle to adjust the direction of the LCD screen; automatic reset built-in lock; a variety of switches modern and novel.

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