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What Is Monitor Lift

Guangzhou Junnan AV Tech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 25, 2017

Lifts, as the name suggests, but there is a meaning, is a certain way through the lift of a device, similar to the LCD TV lifter is currently in the AV audition industry has a liquid crystal display of the automatic lifting equipment industry that is called lifter or LCD lift.

    LCD TV lifter is designed for high-level conference system, when the general meeting, the display down to the desktop clean and tidy; held in the multimedia conference, according to need, alone, group or all raised for multimedia information Display, including the contents of the meeting, information tips, image information. LCD TV lifts are widely used in video conferencing systems, video conferencing systems, financial analysis systems and other fields.

    LCD TV lift products using synchronous orbit lifting principle, smooth operation, low noise. With LCD automatic power off protection. The machine is controlled by two motors: a control lift, a control angle adjustment. Panel switch with beautiful, durable membrane switch. Decorative panels can be produced according to customer needs, easy installation, nice, modern high-level video conferencing systems used in the ideal equipment. The product supports RS-485 communication protocol, through the central control to achieve remote control. At the same time the product also supports wireless connection control, with free marshalling function

    LCD TV lifter with power protection: LCD screen after the automatic power supply; LCD screen automatically disconnect power; reduce power loss. Using a closed waterproof circuit design, waterproof and dustproof. Support RS485 control, stand-alone use and through VITY, CRESTRON, AMX, SVS and other central control system to achieve centralized control. Ultra-quiet slide, lifting noise is less than 30 dB characteristics